projekt 01 / schmausen / 1 x a month / realisation : tatsuto suzuki (


a shared meal 1 x a month

once a month i open my studio and invite people for a meal. participation is open, allowing different people each meal to meet, to eat, and to talk – each time the “schmausen” occurs. this social gathering is a time to not only enjoy the food, but also the presence and form of discussion that each participant brings to the table. this open atmosphere invites a type of philosophising over the nature of the schmausen itself. what is it that allows one to best enjoy this occasion? music? a relaxed atmosphere? Or a relative quiet in which one can talk with other participants? to participate alone or with a partner? at any rate, as each person is different and unique – can an encounter with strangers open doors to new and enriching possibilities. all those interested in participating with the “Project 01 schmausen” are most welcomed. (Tatsuto)


Dokumentation 2011.01.15      
due to art basel and the lunar eclipse, the project did not take place.      
2011.04.15project 01      
2011.04.15project 01      
Documentation 2011.03.15      
documentation 2011.02.15      
2011. 01. 15      
documentation 2011.01.15      
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